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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 11, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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why not convict? more from that exclusive interview on "fox & friends" because we start right now. >> that is a little crazy to get into a jet blue seat and find a stun gun right there in the seat back. >> hate to think somebody was using it for their kids. >> right. i hope to find a head set there which means i would have saved the 2 bucks. >> i think it's just a dollar. >> good to see you two guys again. >> good to see you. how was your couple of days away? >> it was good not to wear make-up for a couple of days. >> we're all together this whole week. what a novelty! anyway, let's start with the headlines right now. investigators are trying to figure out how this stun gun as we were just talking about got on board the jet blue flight 1179 from boston to newark on friday. the striker 800 stun gun was reportedly found in a seat back pocket by the cleaning crew at newark. they don't know who brought it on board. all passengers had already gotten off when a crew member
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discovered it. investigators believe it got through security at boston's logan airport. can you find my daughter's i touch, too, that's in the back pocket. a teenager arrested for causing a bomb scare at one of chicago's most popular tourist attractions say it was just a big misunderstanding. the 18-year-old placed what was feared to be a bomb near the beam structure in chicago's millennium park. it wasn't a bomb. it was two bricks duct taped together with wires hanging out of it, a prop from a sci-fi costume he wore to a convention. he was charged with disorderly conduct. a scare for defense secretary leon panetta. three rockets slammed into baghdad's green zone on day two of his visit there. the secretary is fine and no one else was hurt. panetta flew to baghdad from afghan t afghanistan and he's meeting with leaders there and meeting with u.s. troops. early wake-up call on the shuttle atlantis.
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>> ♪ i get knocked down i get back up again i get knocked down i get back up again ♪ >> seems like i just heard it on the radio yesterday. waking up to the song and today they will be supplying a supply module on the outside of the international space station using a robotic arm and they'll prepare for a space walk tomorrow. meantime, nasa keeping a close eye on some space degree that could come dangerously close to the space station. the duke and duchess of cambridge are back home in london after a 12-day tour of canada and the united states. william and kate left los angeles international airport yesterday taking up more than a dozen seats in first class on a regular british airways commercial flight. the final activity on their california trip paying tribute to the men and women in the military and helping make care packages for children of deployed service members. and those are your headlines. >> they look very much at home in america.
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>> they did. >> and like all of us spent the weekend playing polo. >> unlike the people in washington who spent the weekend wondering what's going to happen. saturday night, we heard from john boehner, nope, there's not going to be a deal tomorrow because they want to raise taxes. nonetheless, the president did convene that meeting at the white house the last night at 6:00, lasted 75 minutes. absolutely no progress. apparently the president said we are going to meet here in the white house every day until we resolve it. they'll meet today at 2:00 and apparently the president said to john boehner, look, i don't care how you do it. just come back here tomorrow with a plan to get 218 votes on your side. >> i think he said it to the democrats, too, though, and i think they're -- let's hope there's a little bit of progress. i mean, i think it's progress in and of itself they're coming back today because for a while, it seemed like they were taking it laisse a fare, apparently it
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has to be done by july 22nd in order for congress to sign off on it. that's looming for this week. >> i'm curious to see what the president's tone in this press conference today will be. will it be bipartisan, acting like the adults in the room or like a couple of weeks ago who said i've been standing here and i'm doing a little afghanistan and a little bin laden. >> crabby last time. >> it's fascinating to see what happened over the weekend. evidently there was optimism that boehner and obama had a deal and when john boehner came back and say by the way, it includes a billion dollars in tax increases, the republicans said are you kidding me? this is impossible. that's how we got elected and how we got the house and almost got the senate. >> this was a political trap because the president said to john boehner, look, you jack up taxes by $1 trillion and then down the road, we'll talk about tax reform because ultimately, we know that's what you want. tax reform. however, at the end of the day, the speaker said look, i can't do that. we had karl rove on the channel
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last week who said if the republicans were to increase taxes, a net increase in taxes, they'd be toast. >> yeah, because, you know, remember the midterm election. i mean, that was sort of the message given to all members of congress when the people voted in a whole heck of a lot of house republicans for those very reasons. so let's look at where we are now with the numbers. here's what president obama wants. he wants $4 trillion cuts over 12 years. a $1 trillion tax hike. but here's where i think, guys, that he's willing to budge and that is on entitlement reform. social security and medicare. well, keep in mind nancy pelosi was at his doorstep friday morning saying you better not do
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unworkable and the second column is unworkable. the biden force didn't come up with $2 trillion in cuts. >> that's apparently at the end of the day. yesterday what republicans were talking about doing, ok, mr. president, we can't go along with what you're suggesting now, this grand plan, let's go back to the biden plan from a couple of weeks ago that's got a little bit more something north of $2 trillion. >> apparently, that's not set either because it's only 75% completed and i think that's what you're alluding to there is it has a lot to do with the taxes. keep in mind, though, let's
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factor in a bunch of other taxes that have happened in the last year or so. we're talking about obamacare. the president had proposed in addition to the taxes we'll face already for health care overhaul in this country, these new taxes that he's talking about in these debt discussions. so here with the health care costs in taxes. $438 billion over 10 years, a combination of corporate tax hikes and personal tax hikes. >> yeah, so that's in addition to the $1 trillion that he's already suggesting that we jack things up by. so that's a whole bunch of taxes. >> i mean, "the wall street journal" chronicled it and said the tax increases have already been signed into law that are coming your way to 2014 and 2018 and we don't have enough time in a three hour show to go all over the tax increases coming down the pike so they're going to be talking. it's going to be -- i'm very curious to see what's going to be happening because we have a firm deadline. the 22nd as you mentioned and
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august 2nd. timothy geitner came out and said the whole world is going to end and went into detail about the millions of checks, 80 million checks he's got to cut that will not be able to be cut if this doesn't happen. >> should be an interesting press conference. you will see it live here on the fox newschannel at 11:00. the president live to tell us what he's got up his sleeve to fix this problem that we've got looming. >> talk about brilliance. if you talk about insightfulness, i think one person. he seems to hit it on of the park every single time. >> he has an interesting analogy. he's comparing republicans now to the casey anthony jury. not casey anthony, the jury and says voters are letting the g.o.p. get away with murder. listen to this. >> if you can look at a crime where everything points to one answer and not see it, you're a [beep]. and if you can look at the deficit and not see that the problem is that the rich stopped paying taxes, you're a republican. yes, republican base, you are
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just like that jury. it is pathetically clear who is killing the middle class but you keep letting them get away with murder! >> now, he's a comedian, right? where's the funny part? >> he hasn't been funny in about 25 years and i was being sarcastic. $2 of every $10 that we -- that are spent on an average day on a paycheck are from the government. everybody makes $10, $2 goes to the government whether it's social security, unemployment or disability. whether it's food stamps. i mean, the problem isn't the amount of people that are -- are paying taxes on their own. it's the amount of people that aren't paying any taxes. >> at least half the country does not pay federal income tax so note to bill. meanwhile, tonight on the greta van susteren program, she sits down with the foreman of the casey anthony jury. juror number 11, we told you a little bit about him last week, high school phys ed teacher and father of a couple.
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said that he would have a real problem going along with the death penalty. greta sat down with him. what's interesting is for security reasons, you won't see his face and you won't see his name because he's just worried about his personal safety. he also feels disgusted at what he, as foreman, had to sign. >> when i had to sign off on the verdict, the sheet that was given to me, there was just a feeling of disgust that came across me knowing that my signature and her signature were going to be there on the same sheet. >> ok, so apparently, it's the same line of thinking. we know the verdict was unanimous so they must have all had the same line of thinking that they just didn't have the evidence to get to murder. and that's why that verdict came back so quickly. >> and they also talked about the other controversy which we heard from the alternate juror and other jurors about george anthony. the father of casey anthony. was anyone thinking he was complicit in the crime or
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thinking he had something to do with the crime? here's juror number 11. >> did anybody think george was a believable out of the 12 of you, anybody think that george was believable or credible or were otherwise likely suspicious of him? >> there was a suspicion to him. that was a part of our conversation that we had of the -- well, what i'd call the round robin topics we had when we were doing deliberation. >> interesting stuff. you can see greta's exclusive interview with juror number 11, the foreman tonight. starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the greta show "on the record." >> leon panetta says destroying al-qaida is within reach. is that good news? maybe not. what terror experts say he's not telling us as the new defense. >> then no kids allowed. one restaurant is turning away families with small children because they cause too much of a commotion and their feet don't touch the floor. they're two of a kd.
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>> all right. defense secretary leon panetta is in baghdad right now. his first visit to iraq as secretary of defense and he first stopped in afghanistan and offered this assessment about al-qaida. >> we're within reach of strategically defeating al-qaida. if we can be successful at going after them, i think we can really undermine their ability to do any kind of planning to be able to conduct any kind of attack on this country. but that's -- that's why i think it's within reach. >> as you can hear, he was flying there. joining us is terror expert and author of the terrorist next door, eric stackleback. was he speaking the truth? >> well, look, brian, i don't think he's far from the truth is
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that al-qaida's hierarchy in afghanistan and pakistan that he's referring to has been severely weakened. we've seen several al-qaida leaders killed over the past ewu months and years. to say al-qaida's hierarchy has been weakened and could possibly be defeated is true. but al-qaida has shifted to yemen, to somalia and also the al-qaida movement. it's become such a global galvanizing movement, brian. you have self-starters here in america, in england who are acting on their own with no direct link to al-qaida so you can defeat al-qaida, yes, but the movement that al-qaida has sparked, the ideology is the real problem here and brian, real quick, this administration when they talk about the war on terror, the war against radical islam, they have tunnel vision! al-qaida is only one element of a much broader enemy, iran, hezbollah and the muslim brotherhood which this administration wants to reach out to. >> which is a little crazy.
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tell us about this bomb throw, we'll talk about this a little bit later as well. tell about the next move is sewing these explosive devices into people's bodies. where, when and how? >> you know, brian, last year, we saw a rectal bomber in saudi arabia who actually had a bomb hidden in his rectum. but now, we have breast bombers and breast implant bombers and now the belly bomber, a guy, brian, who is a saudi al-qaida member and he's really kind of a mastermind. this was a guy involved in the underwear bomber last year in that ink cartridge plot last october. this guy is very innovative and what they want to do is actually sew bombs inside a suicide bomber's belly. and brian, it would enable them to apparently escape detection, getting on an airplane, get through security. once they're on the airplane, they would detonate this belly bomb using a syringe filled with
6:18 am
chemicals. so this is the latest threat. the u.s. government is very concerned about it. they say they're preparing for it but brian, when they say they're preparing for it, i fear that means more patdowns of 6-year-old girls and 95-year-old grandmothers. >> but they are innovative and that's separate from the bin laden unit, perhaps. real quick, pakistan cutting back $800 million in aid, sending a message we don't like how they're handling the war on terror. like it or not? >> i like it in one regard, brian, it's long past due we put pressure on them. there needs to be consequences for the pakistanis' inaction. harboring usama bin laden, for instance, but i'm concerned that pakistan will completely shut down and not give any intelligence help and not help us out at all in this fight if we take all of that aid away as it remains pakistan is a real, real problem with no easy answers. >> into afghanistan and call 1-800-china every time we cut off relations or they want to get under our skin.
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thanks a lot. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, major snag this morning in the president's debt summit. democrats want taxes and republicans want reform. who will budge first? our washington insiders weigh in next. and inside sarah palin's "newsweek" spread. why she's not happy about the 2012 g.o.p. field. and how that may change whether she gets in the race or not. little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine
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>> all right. time for some quick monday morning headlines for you. searchers are losing hope of finding survivors after a cruise ship sank on russia's river. nine people are confirmed dead and at least 90 others are missing. the boat is believed to have been carrying more than the maximum number of passengers when it went under 80 people were rescued. the boat simply was overloaded. and sarah palin still won't say
6:23 am
if she's running for president but she does say, "i can win." the former alaskan governor and fox news contributor also tells "newsweek" she expects more republicans to enter the race and thinks that's a good thing. gretch? >> we still have deadlock over the debt talks. the president seems to be standing firm on a $4 trillion big package after house speaker john boehner suggested going with a smaller deal. who will budge first? democrats on entitlement reform or republicans on tax hikes? our washington insiders joining me now for a debate. thanks so much for getting up so early. >> thank you. >> good morning! >> it's interesting, it seems to sort of be at a stalemate although that deadline is now looming so another meeting today. jamal, let me start with you, who is going to budge first? >> you know, i think both of these parties are going to have to budge because at the end of the day, americans need for both
6:24 am
the democrats and republicans to work this deal out because frankly, this insanity vs. insanity. it's not only g.o.p. vs. democrats. if we don't do this, we'll be in an economic catastrophe. look at what's happening in italy, after greece, all these countries going through this in europement we can't be in a position not to pay our bills. i think the president understands that. i think the house leaders understand that. there has to be a deal that has taxes in it, i know it's a bad word, and deal with entitlement cuts and deal with domestic spending. >> it's interesting, a lot of people, economists would argue that europe right now, greece, italy, spain the reason they're defaulting is because of over massive spending but be that as it may, let me get back to the heart of the matter which is will the republicans -- do they win some points if they come off this tax thing and look like they're more compromising or did the last midterm election put them in a situation where they absolutely have to stand firm? >> first of all, i'm really pleased that president obama and
6:25 am
the republicans have agreed that they're not going to let the debt ceiling go. that they're going to try to stop it. and i think that's a pretty positive thing. but i do think the republicans have the high ground right now. they were sent to washington last november because of the high taxes and high spending that president obama and the democrats put in place. and they feel like they're in a pretty good position. they don't necessarily need to budge right now. they have drug the democrats this far to talking about $2 trillion of spending cuts. i mean, that's significant. they were nowhere near this a few months ago. >> let me ask you this because some skeptics of the president looking like he's being compromising say look, the reason he's talking about entitlement cuts to social security and to medicare maybe it's a political trick, that once he would get the republicans to increase taxes, that maybe he wouldn't live through that. can you respond to that? >> well, i think whatever deal they make, everybody is going to have to get in the pot together
6:26 am
at the same time. but i'm going to argue with ron on one point. there was a section of the electorate that sent the republicans into washington to talk about spending and deficits but most people in america want something to happen on unemployment rate. you got 14 million americans unemployed. we're spending weeks and weeks talking about the debt ceiling. we have yet to see an employment bill out of the house of representatives on anything that has to do with that. i think americans want this government to get back in the business of the 9.2% unemployment rate. president got to deal with, it he got pretty far. didn't get far enough. now they sent republicans to get us even further and the republicans haven't done that. >> we're change the topic a little bit. they are intertwined, ron, i mean, i think that they are because we saw the job numbers come out, they were dismal, horrible, 18,000 jobs created in june. ron, i'll give you the last word. >> you know why there are 18,000 jobs -- hold on, you know why there are 18,000 jobs created in june? because 39,000 government employees lost their jobs. >> it's a piece of the puzzle. i got to get ron in here. >> if republicans are asking,
6:27 am
republicans are asking what tax increases will increase jobs? what tax increases will grow jobs? they won't. we haven't seen it. is there a silver bullet out there? we don't think so and that's why republicans feel very good about where they are because we need to cut taxes, we need to stimulate growth and we need to grow the -- grow the job market out there and increasing taxes and coming to this deal with that type of mindset is not the way to go and that's why no president has won a re-election or a candidate won a presidential election by advocating for a tax increase. >> it's interesting, we saw a slice of the pie right here between jamal and ron, that's probably what's going to be going on at 2:00 today when all the forces get back in washington. >> before we go, quickly, i want to let everybody know, we are still doing a scholarship campaign for the rosa parks scholarship foundation. it's $40. you can help 40 kids to go to college. i want to make sure everybody remembers that. >> thank you. i was going to mention it, jamal. thanks so much, jamal and ron.
6:28 am
have a fantastic week. >> you, too. >> not a single president since fdr has won a second term with an unemployment rate above 7.2%. right now, it's 9.2%. stuart varney says the white house has a plan to spin this but will it work? good morning, stu! and no kids allowed here. this restaurant turning away families with small children because they cause too much commotion. is that right or wrong? we'll debate it. ooo whatcha got there? uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us.
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>> all right. you know what today is, it's 7:11. you know what that means. >> lucky? >> we're open all day. >> free slurpee at 7-eleven. come on, 7-eleven, this is your birthday! all right. speaking of free service, let's talk about this. there's a restaurant called mcdane's restaurant and they sent out an e-mail to loyal customers that said hey, you know what? if you've got a kid under 6, don't bother bringing them here because they are too loud and they are disturbing other quiet customers. >> so that's their new sort of policy. what do you think about that?
6:33 am
i mean, if you have kids, you know, come on, fess up. even as parents, we know our kids don't always behave! >> kids are kids. >> so when you go to a restaurant, how painful is it not only for the parents sitting there but for the other patrons there? listen, i think this is like a free market decision. if you don't want to go to this restaurant now, you don't have to and tsame thing for the ownes of the restaurant. they may lose business. this is their own personal business. >> they can. it's a bad decision. if you don't want to be family friendly, at one point they'll get past the terrible twos and be not so great threes. >> they'll remember that? >> they'll remember. i was a kid without teeth. >> how much do you enjoy going out to dinner in an adult restaurant and seriously, let's be honest here, you enjoy the fact that you're going to have a nice adult time. >> without your children? >> yes! >> you mean you personally without a children? i don't mind seeing kids in there. >> i don't either.
6:34 am
>> i see it as a lot of it has to do with responsibility of the parents because i'll go to a restaurant and i'll see the kids going crazy and the parent over there is not taking care of them. they're letting them run around -- i remember being in a restaurant in our town and i saw stuart varney sitting quietly as his kids circle and scream. >> they were all over 18. >> how could you say that? how could you -- >> i think that's the thing. if parents aren't going to control their kids, then the restaurant is saying we're going to control it for you. sorry, i mean, so maybe it's some of those parents who don't take personal responsibility anymore who are ruining it for the others! >> i never -- i don't ever -- i've never heard of a restaurant banning children. >> i have! >> never. never heard of -- there's certain restaurants that you could tell the walls are padded and things wipe up quick. you know. >> they have a high chair. >> i know places right now that have a plethora of restaurant options but some of them say
6:35 am
adults only or children under 12 not accepted. >> what do you think? do you think this is a good idea or bad idea? e-mail us at we'll have the owner of the restaurant joining us live. >> what if there's a holding tank where kids were asked to show that they're well behaved and they have five minutes. >> audition. >> right, if they fail, they get tossed. >> just tossed where? >> with their families. they won't have to go out alone. >> i don't know. see audition for supper? sing for your supper. >> then they all go into psychiatric care for the rest of their lives after being held in a holding tank. >> never know. >> let's do a couple of quick headlines for this monday. horrible story to remind you about it that happened over the weekend, the deadly roller coaster ride. it may lead to new legislation over theme park safety. investigators are looking at why an iraq war vet who lost both legs to a roadside bomb was allowed on a 200 foot ride that led to his death. the sergeant was thrown from the ride of steel at the darren lake
6:36 am
theme park in new york. now they are introducing legislation for more sferl authority over theme park safety. there are no rules that said people without legs could not ride. the family is not blaming the park. >> meanwhile, the streets of st. joe, missouri, still underfrom flooding that started in may. today, government officials will assess the damage in 27 of missouri's counties, the first step in declaring the region a disaster area. and then getting federal money. senators from several midwestern states will also meet today to talk about how the army corps of engineers managers the mighty missouri river. >> former congressman anthony wiener reunited with his pregnant wife in miami beach. they're looking pretty cozy. "the new york post" the couple went to dinner on saturday night to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. weiner is said to be getting help from the sexting habit that cost him his job. there's no pictures available. >> we don't think that's miami. >> plenty of hugs, tears and smiles as service members
6:37 am
returned home to washington state after an eight month tour of duty. >> i look around at all these families and all these spouses and all these children, amazing. >> the crews are members of a navy aircraft squadron. they served in iraq and helped enforce the no-fly zone in libya. now it's time to look at a quick view of sports over the weekend. what's going on? >> it was an incredible game. you could call it the miracles on grass, team u.s.a. taking on brazil in quarter finals of the women's world cup match. what a finish to overtime. listen. the crowd suddenly turned go u.s.a., that's abbey with a header into the net. tied at 2-2. team u.s.a. and brazil go into penalty kicks. there it is. amazing, and makes the only stop of the penalty kick session. then it was time for ali kreiger
6:38 am
to convert and they did. they advance to the semifinals. team u.s.a. wins on penalty kicks. they'll play france on wednesday. they haven't won the world cup since 1999. when you're riding in the tour de france, you may expect to fall occasionally, what you don't expect is to get hit by a car! stage 9 in the race when the spanish rider gets bumped by a car. he's knocked down into another rider. he suffered just cuts and bruises. bactene available, he's ok. earlier in the race, check out this massive crash involving several riders. the defending champ who stuart varney bet a lot of money on was involved. francis thomas volker now owns the yellow jersey. quick look at what's happening in the international world of sports. >> oh, my gosh! >> meanwhile, let's talk -- >> bad. >> thanks. meanwhile, the unemployment situation getting worse by the day with the jobless rates that have swollen to 9.2%.
6:39 am
no president since fdr has gotten re-elected with an unemployment rate above 7.2% so can president obama recover in time for the elections? we turn to stuart varney. >> not a prayer. >> really? >> out of the question. >> why? >> there's absolutely no way that the unemployment rate is going to go down to 7% even by november of next year. ain't gonna happen. >> if we started adding four million jobs a month, that would be one thing but that simply is impossible. >> odds are against it. sharply against it. do the math, if there is absolutely no population growth at all, zero population growth and not a single person who is unemployed now comes back into the labor force, those two impossibilities, if they happen, you still need 226,000 jobs each and every month between now and election day to get the rate to 7%. that's an absolute impossible situation. >> especially when you look at the job report from june and it was 18,000 jobs. >> out of the question.
6:40 am
>> not even close. >> what you really need, gretchen and what you're not going to get is an economic boom with a growth rate of 4%, 5%, even 6% and upwards of 300,000 jobs every single month to get it down to 7%. it's not going to happen. >> timothy geitner yesterday was staggering in his deflection of responsibility. he says the economy continues to lag and sag. he says the weather in the midwest, the japanese tsunami, along with everything else that transpired afterwards and unprecedented. let's listen to timothy geitner talk. >> the economy has absolutely slowed in the first half of the year. there's no doubt on that. when the economy slows, job creation will slow. that's what's happening. it slowed because, as you know, gas prices went up a lot. we had a huge supply disruption in the mideast. you saw some really terrible weather across the country with construction spending. >> it's interesting, stuart, because the president used that exact same reasoning for the economy going downhill when he
6:41 am
came out with his press conference on friday after those job numbers. one of the four reasons he gave was in bad weather, do you believe that? >> it's a series of excuses that won't add up. they just don't work. and i'm surprised at treasury secretary geitner taking such an overtly political position. he's got the president's back politically entirely and he's actually blaming president bush for this weak economy that we've got now. sorry, president obama owns this economy. 2 1/2 years into his administration, he owns it. it was his solution to the economic problem which has failed, which has brought us to our current state. sorry, i'm not buying what treasury secretary geitner is offering. >> he said it's been a long period of lost opportunities by previous administrations that could have made this country stronger. >> that's how he worded it. he's basically saying blame bush. won't wash. >> we'll be watching varney & company tonight with -- >> we have a jihad against the
6:42 am
new light bulbs because there's a vote in congress that will keep those wonderful incandescent bulbs and we're on it. >> thank you very much. >> bright idea. >> all right. straight ahead, media matters using taxpayer money to rev up the attack machine. it's not just againin fox news. another man who just found himself in the liberal group's cross hairs joins us next. >> you want to spy on your spouse? the courts apparently ok with this particular method. should secretly tracking your partner with gps really be legal or a violation of your fourth amendment rights? we report, you decide. >> what's stuart varney doing at chuck e. cheese? [ grunts ]
6:43 am
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because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. >> couple of quick headlines coming your way now.
6:46 am
thousands expected to turn out for the funeral of firefighter shannon stone who died trying to catch a baseball for her son at last week's rangers game. stone fell 20 feet over the railing. you can reserve tickets on line for the new september 11th memorial. it opens to the public september 12th this year. only 1500 people will be allowed in the memorial at a time. steve? >> thank you, brian. we've been telling you about media matters taxpayer funded war on fox newschannel. our next guest said he also was targeted unfairly by the leftie web site. they tried to shoot down a study he wrote with his peers on media bias. tim takes on her accusations in his soon-to-be released book called "left turn, how liberal media bias distorts the american mind" and he jonins us from los angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning. great to be here. >> good to have you as well. tell us how you wound up in media matters cross hairs.
6:47 am
>> this is an earlier study i did. we wrote the study, kind of nerdy study, we wanted to quantify the actual bias of the media to give a number to say how left winged or right winged. this was devetted by my universy colleagues and willing to give the data out to anyone who wanted it. we did. we gave it out to anybody who wanted to verify it. a writer at media matters wrote an essay entitled "rigging the numbers." this writer had no evidence of this. did not ask us for our data. could have verified that. but didn't. willie nilly decided to make that claim. it was outrageous and i think demonstrates what goes on at media matters. >> and in fact, since, you know, they said you rigged the numbers. they didn't ask for any of the data. you said you would provide it but i understand a number of your very progressive, very liberal colleagues were outraged that media matters would treat you like that.
6:48 am
>> that's right. a story that made me cry, a small tear, one of my left wing colleagues, a guy with whom i -- we fight like brothers sometimes. but this left wing colleague was also outraged as some other left wing colleagues who knew my research, knew me, said this is careful, honest scholarship that colleague wrote a long e-mail to that writer and turns out i actually made that e-mail the focus of the introduction of the book. a touching story. and says -- gets the inside account of what's going on at media matters. >> sure and how do you feel about media matters winding up with that 501c3 designation where they don't pay taxes and, you know, it's all tax exempt stuff. you think that's appropriate for them to do this political hatchet job? >> no. i'm not a lawyer. so it's not clear if they're violating the letter of law. i think they're violating the spirit of the law. those charities, those 501c3's
6:49 am
were not designed for that purpose. i think a thought experiment that's convinced me. what if, say, pepsi wanted to attack coca-cola and instead of doing it through pepsi, what they did is they formed a 501c3 and said hey, friends, all of you give your tax exempt donations and we can attack coca-cola through that 501c3, it would be outrageous. >> it would be outrageous. hence the outrage on our part. tim whose new book "left turn" debuts on july 19th at bookstores everywhere. tim, thanks for joining us today from l.a.>> thank you. great to be here. >> what a story. meanwhi meanwhile, talk about stories, suspicious? you want to spy on your spouse? the courts say fine by us if you're using gps. should that really be legal or is it an invasion of privacy? we're gonna report and you are gonna decide. plus the guy who caught derek jeter's 3,000th hit, why he gave it back.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> if you think your spouse might be cheating, simply get out your gps. a new jersey court just ruled it's perfectly legal to do that but what about the right to privacy? our legal eagles are here to navigate this one. joining us are attorneys kelly sanden and joseph colatta. good to see both of you. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> here with the basic dirty facts here. the wife thought the husband was cheating and she put gps in the glove compartment of the car or the trunk and sure enough, figured it out. then he sued her for privacy, right, kelly? >> you're right. he sued her and the private
6:54 am
investigator that she hired saying he had no right to track her -- excuse me, she had no right to track him, and that he didn't know so it was secret and it was wrong and it was an invasion of his privacy but the court ruled that's not the case because she had a legal interest in the car, that she had the ability to track him by doing that and because the gps was in the glove box, he should have seen it. >> now, i know that joseph, you have a problem with this and you have a really interesting point that i think is worth debating a lot more than this one segment which is technology, you believe, has started to infringe on our civil rights. in what way? >> there's no doubt that privacy advocates around the country weep today and post that ruling and there's also no doubt that george orwell's prophetic book has come to pass. technology is running our lives and eroding our fundamental privacy. on the way here this morning, you'll know exactly where i was, what i purchased at starbucks,
6:55 am
what my children are watching on dvr. there is no more privacy. >> here's the thing, if you can already track somebody on their atm card or through their cell phone, then this ruling is just sort of part of a trend? >> well, yes, you're right. it is part of a trend but there's no reasonable expectation of privacy. when you're driving around in your car in the city, you can be seen. you can't expect that you're going to be in a private area and people can't see you. it is the same as your atm. and it is the same as a lot of other things. you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy so this ruling, i disagree respectfully is very limited. it doesn't really draw on any rights. all it's doing is solidifying and sets up more parameters saying this can only happen if you have an interest in the car. it's not like i can walk up and stick one on the back of your car, gretchen, just to track you. i can't do that. >> that's the argument here because you would say that you'd have to go out and get a warrant to put a gps tracking device on just anybody else's car, right? >> well, look, this judge is
6:56 am
presented with a very unique fact pattern that allowed him to avoid the ultimate issue, the issue that's most important to all of us as americans which is the placing of this gps on the car, whether that is an unreasonable search and seizure under the fourth amendment of the united states constitution. there's a case going up to the supreme court next year that's a similar fact pattern except it's not that, it's law enforcement placing the gps on the car. the court will rule whether or not that's an unreasonable search and seizure and whether or not that's an unjustified police intrusion on our lives and i suspect the supreme court will rule vastly different than this judge has today. >> very interesting. kelly, joseph, both attorneys, thanks so much for your insights and for our viewers out there, let us know what you think about this. you can e-mail us or twitter. imagine getting paid to wash your own ride? sounds pretty good, right? it gets better. nearly 6,000 bucks for taking out the hose. if you're a government employee, that is. then another one of the president's top campaign staffers saying unemployment won't be an issue in 2012.
6:57 am
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>> good monday morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. it's july 11th. back to work now, i'm gretchen carlson. big 24 hours in the debt crisis. lots of ups and downs and this morning, the president will speak again. what will be his tone? dana perino weighs in on the stand-off under way right now. >> meanwhile, mitt romney making it personal. the republican frontrunner telling the president to fire his guys. would a little lesson in unemployment help them solve the crisis for everybody else? >> just a press of a button and this stun gun can take down a full grown man. what was it do on a plane tucked into the back of a seat pocket? we're live at the airport with that stunning news. "fox & friends" starts right now.
7:01 am
>> brian, i got that joke. >> what do you mean? >> the stun gun. stunning news. >> fantastic. >> that was very quick. >> thank you very much. you want to know something else? let's take a fast and furious look at our guest list. >> oh! >> stunning, coming up very shortly, we have congressman darrell issa, talking about the fast and the furious program. that is embroiled currently in a big scandal. >> governor tim pawlenty, former governor of minnesota will be joining, presidential candidate. has he changed his tone again? took a swipe at the president, michelle bachmann and mitt romney. we'll ask him about that. >> donald trump is confident. he's successful. he's a wonderful family man and he'll be here live to talk about where we're heading economically and how he would solve the crisis we're having currently with the debt ceiling. >> and get your motor running, danica patrick who once upon time drove indycars really fast, now behind the wheel of nascar's cars will join us live.
7:02 am
she's got a great program she wants to tell all of us about. >> meantime, though, dana perino, former white house spokesperson for president bush is our guest as she always is monday morning. good to see you. >> good morning, everybody. >> we have a lot to chew on today because of this whole debt situation. no deal as of last night. they're going to have the talks again at 2:00 p.m. today after the president has an 11:00 a.m. press conference. i'm interested in your thoughts. you as a former spokesperson for the president, how would you advise the president? what kind of tone should he have today? >> the first thing i would advise is not have a press conference three hours before you have a meeting. in you're still in negotiations, you should keep the negotiations going. there's no need to feed the beast at 11:00 a.m. because it will color everything that's gonna happen at 2:00. i think that is crazy and it will be like an on-camera autopsy pretty much this deal fell apart, died at the hands of the democrats yesterday and i'll get to more of that in a second because a lot of people want to
7:03 am
place blame on both sides but i think if i were the white house press secretary today, i would have said why would we do a press conference at 11:30? i'm sure they wanted to find victory. why even bother inviting the members of congress back down at 2:00 in the afternoon? >> we know a $4 trillion grand plan deal is not going to happen according to the speaker of the house. does the speaker ever bring back that $4 trillion proposal on saturday and get a kickback or was that a nonstarter to begin with? what's the inside story there? >> let me take it from a different angle and get away from speaker boehner for a moment. this is what i've heard and this is worth thinking about. president obama actually did not ever put concrete, good, solid cuts on the table. he was willing to do something with the consumer price index. that doesn't really change any structural program in social security. ok, so fine. but even then, remember, they're calling for tax hikes. that's one of the things that president obama wants. even though six months ago he
7:04 am
said that was the worst thing you could do for job creation. back then, remember that under nancy pelosi's house when she was in charge and she had the majority, she couldn't even pass tax hikes. so it's unreasonable to think that boehner should be able to deliver tax hikes in his caucus and if you compare president obama to president clinton in 1993 and 1995 vs. 1997, he learned something. which is you learn how to negotiate with people who say that they are for lower taxes and you cut spending and taxes and that's how he got his deal. >> sure, absolutely. the speaker was in a political trap because, you know, well, everybody wants tax reform and the president said, ok, john, all you got to do is pass a trillion dollars worth of tax increases and then down the road, some day in the future, we're going to have tax reform. that's crazy talk. >> well, this will be interesting, over and over play out in our history. i thought about charlie brown
7:05 am
this morning and lucy with the footballment they promised there would be tax cuts -- go ahead and try. whoops, sorry, we can't afford tax cuts and yet again, republicans are supposed to come back and try to kick the football. this isn't your grandfather's republican party. i think the republicans aren't charlie brown any longer. >> interesting, the vice president, looks like his plan, they'll be going back to where they were on the table with that one although the insiders say it was only 75% complete. i got to move you on to the next topic. so much to talk about today and that is the economy and those horrible job numbers that came out on friday. and just a couple of days before that, the senior advisor to the president, david plouffe had said this about the base of people voting based on the unemployment rate. here's what he said. people won't vote based on the unemployment rate. they're going to vote based on how do you feel about my own situation? do i believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family? a lot of people looked at that and said huh? because the unemployment rate sitting at 9.2%, it's got to affect the election, doesn't it?
7:06 am
>> if i'm being charitable, i think what he means is it's anxiety. people aren't pouring over every number and thinking about what's going on. the way that came out and the way it was portrayed reminds me of when president obama was caught saying that people in the midwest, you know, they're just clinging to gods and guns. god and guns. and it's just like they're not smart enough to read "the wall street journal" and figure out what's going on and not able to put 2 plus 2 together which is bad policies made for slower economic growth and what i couldn't believe is that then they have to keep defending david plouffe's comments. i would have just let it go and not try to defend it but white house spokesperson jay carney at the podium had to defend it and it was like rubbing a spot on the wall just making it worse. >> then mitt romney took a look at this situation and he looked very presidential to some and he said he absolutely would can plouffe. he said "if david plouffe were working for me, i would fire him
7:07 am
and then he could experience first hand the pain of unemployment. his comments are an insult to the more than 20 million people who are out of work, underemployed or who have simply stopped looking for jobs." dana? >> i agree, it's a strong statement especially for a presidential candidate. i will say, however, having worked in the white house, it's hard to say that you're going to fire everybody just because they might have said something inartfully. now, if david plouffe seriously believes that unemployment is not going to matter and president obama puts his 2 and 2 together and realizing it is going to hurt them, maybe then he makes some sort of strong decision to fire him. but i think that might be going a little bit too far. >> right. mitt romney has been on a roll with money and ratings so far so early. let's talk about pakistan. bold move made by the administration. u.s. is now led by admiral mullen really said we're going to take away $800 million in aid to the country of pakistan, 300 of that million was going to
7:08 am
counter insurgency inside the country. here is the announcement by the chief of staff. >> obviously, they have been an important ally in the fight on terrorism. they've been a victim of enormous amounts of terrorism. but right now, they have taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military. >> good move or bad move, dana? >> well, i defer to the white house. they certainly have a lot more information than i do. i mean, i used to be privy at least to some. but in this case, i would defer to them. i think that what they have probably found since the killing of usama bin laden is that the corruption that we assumed was in place is probably even worse. and that, perhaps, some of that $800 million that we were giving in aid was being used for nefarious purposes, possibly even against americans or our interests and so they take that money away. now, that doesn't mean it's going to go to deficit reduction, and that money could end up going back to them at some point if we get commitments
7:09 am
that they're going to do the right thing. >> they ordered 120 trainers out of the country and our admiral, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has come forward and said you assassinated an investigative journal that was ok'd by the upper reaching of the administration and isi, i think this is a gutsy move. they've already called china and said we're going to do a deal with china and they could threaten our arm supplies into afghanistan. >> right. i think that if you take away $800 million from a country who says they need that in terms of aid, there are plenty of other actors around this world who will fill that gap. and so it will be a race to see who will win the favor of the pakistanis. i still think cooperation with the pakistanis is critical for our national security. i think that our current white house thinks so as well but i thau also believe they're using not only the carrot but the stick approach. >> interesting. dana perino who joins us live from d.c., part of the new team
7:10 am
at the five which debuts today at 5:00 on the fox newschannel. >> yep, i'll be up there in a little bit. >> get on the train. all aboard! >> now for the rest of the headlines for your monday. stun gun smuggled aboard a jet blue flight in boston? no one found it until it landed in another state. john huddy is live at newark airport this morning where the weapon was found. how the heck did this even get past security, john? >> well, that's a great question. i mean, there's a lot of unanswered questions here. the flight originated in boston at logan international and then it was found by a cleaning crew here at newark liberty international over the weekend so the tsa is investigating, the port authority of new york, new jersey and also we hear the f.b.i. has joined in the investigation. take a look first and foremost at the weapon we're talking about. it's called a striker 1800 and this morning, i actually did an on-line search and found several for sale for $20. it basically is the size of the palm of your hand. a cleaning crew, like i mentioned, found it aboard a jet blue flight, flight 1179 which
7:11 am
makes the run between boston and newark every day. all the passengers were off the flight at the time. no one was in danger. but obviously, huge question, how it got on there. whether it was a mistake or perhaps something more sinister, guys. back to you. >> john huddy, thanks for investigating out there. keep us abreast of any new developments. new video of defense secretary leon panetta in baghdad while he was meeting with u.s. officials, three rockets hit the protected green zone but no one was hurt. he spoke with u.s. troops, he said he's concerned about iran trying to arm iraqi insurgents. an early wake-up call on the shuttle atlantis! >> ♪ knocked down i get up again i get knocked down i get up again ♪ >> i love that song. astronauts waking up to the song. was that the real name of it? you would think by those lyrics, it would be "never get me down."
7:12 am
today, the crew will install a supply canister on the outside of the international space station. it has enough supplies for one year and they'll prepare for a big space walk tomorrow. nasa keeping a close eye on space debris that could come dangerously close to the space station. new details on the rememberances scheduled for former first lady betty ford this week. a funeral service will be held at st. margaret's episcopal church in palm springs, california. that will be tomorrow. she attended that church for years. she'll be laid to rest thursday next to gerald ford in grand rapids, michigan on what would have been the president's 98 birthday. she passed away at the age of 93. >> moving along for this monday morning, the federal government plans to give guns to drug cartels. remember that? it backfired. it looks like somebody is trying to drag the investigation to a halt. congressman darrell issa leading the charge for answers. here next. >> then shouldn't government be able to tell you what kind of
7:13 am
light bulbs to buy? lawmakers going on the record today. send us your e-mails and send us your tweets and hold on to your bulbs or use a candle. >> i'm blinded by the legislation! [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine.
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7:16 am
>> there are new questions this morning about just how high up the alleged cover-up of the government's failed fast and furious program goes. the program was supposed to track illegal weapon sales along the mexican border. instead, it allowed guns smuggled -- it allows guns to be smuggled across the border unchecked with a device in it so you could buy at radio shack to track those guns as they assume they go into the hands of narcoti narcotics traffickers and gun traffickers. >> darrell issa has been leading the investigation and joins us live.
7:17 am
congressman, clearly this was kind of a boneheaded program because thousands of the guns wound up on the other side of the border and at least one was used to kill a u.s. border patrol agent and now it looks like -- is there a cover-up going on or what? >> you know, there's been a cover-up going on since senator grassley first asked for information after brian terry, the border patrol agent you mentioned was killed and remember, if all these had gone south of the border, their plan kind of would have worked as planned. only mexicans would have died. in this case, this thing became unravelled when so many of these weapons ended up still north of the border and killed at least one u.s. federal agent. >> right. so fast and furious is in existence. we all agree it was a debacle. we don't know how high this went up. for example, the department of justice has jurisdiction over the atf. atf acting director appointeded by the obama administration into saying, look, there's someone trying to get me out of here and i don't want to take the blame for this. this wasn't my program.
7:18 am
this was from the department of justice. has kenneth melson said that eric holder was responsible for this program? >> no, he hasn't. what he does know, of course, is that brewer's part, the assistant of justice had to authorize the wiretaps which he characterized when he read them after the fact, made him sick to his stomach because that's when he began to realize that dea and other parts of the justice knew what they told atf they were looking for. meaning that atf was never really in the loop, either he or in mexico. imagine this, though, in mexico, mexico city, if you found a fast and furious weapon and you plugged it in, what you got was a network air, you didn't even get a valid answer. they wanted to keep people there from knowing anything about those weapons. >> you want to get to the bottom of what happened but the administration is stonewalling you. >> absolutely. and whether it's brian terry's
7:19 am
family or the other agent that was likely killed with fast and furious weapons, they have a right to know what this was all about and why quite frankly their family members died in what shouldn't have happened. and understand, this was not -- this was as boneheaded even if it went right as could be and of course, it went very wrong and one thing, brian, there was only one time in which that radio shack gps was put in. one time in which another gps was put in. the rest of the time, these weapons went walking with absolutely no chance of tracing them until you found them at the scene of the crime. >> absolutely. >> upending the whole premise of the program. i know you're not going to stop investigating. we'd like to track it with you. thanks for joining us this morning. >> will do. thanks a lot, brian. thank you, steve. >> imagine, your boss gave you thousands of dollars to wash your company car. that dream could come true if you work for the government. >> then, no kids allowed here? this restaurant turning away its families with small children
7:20 am
because they're small children, because they cause too much commotion in some cases. the owner here to defend his new rule next. >> those darn 6-year-olds. arter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit ♪ you know how i feel i'm loving weight watchers pointsplus program and the edge it's giving me. ♪ freedom is mine ♪ and i know how i feel i never feel deprived. you know how freeing that is? ♪ it's a new dawn, a new day i feel good. i feel good. i feel good. [ female announcer ] join right now and you can join for a dollar.
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major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
7:23 am
>> all right. down in the control room now with your news by the numbers. first, 5600 bucks. that's how much cops in newport beach, california, get paid to wash their own motorcycle. the officers who patrol on bikes make an additional six hours of overtime every month for time spent washing those rides. >> next, 10 million. that's how many frequent flier miles ryan has racked up on united airlines. it broke him 29 years to break the record and get this, he used to be afraid to fly. and finally, $47 million. that's how much money "transformers, dark side of the moon" made at the box office this weekend taking the number
7:24 am
one spot in tinseltown. that's my car. >> that's his car. >> back over to you. >> a restaurant owner in pennsylvania is telling parents, bring your baby and you're not allowed inside here. children under the age of 6 are now banned. mike is the owner of mcdain's restaurant in gulf center. good morning to you, mr. buick. >> good morning, gretchen. >> when did you decide to do this? >> oh, a few months ago. it had been accumulating over the years from increasing complaints from customers and from decreasing cooperation from the offending parents. and then ironically, many of the people that were complaining to me were parents themselves of small children who had left them at home with a babysitter only to come to our place expecting to have a quiet dinner and being seated next to a noisy child and that's the complaint. >> takes one to know one, right? if you're a parent like i am, you know kids can act up no matter how well disciplined they are. but let me ask you this, did you decide to do this because you think that no matter how many times you may have gone up to parents and advised them to try
7:25 am
to keep their kids a little bit more under control, is it a message about where we are in society that parents just allow their kids to be more disruptive or what was it? >> yes, it's a combination of two things. one is bringing the smaller infants. now, nothing against babies, but they can't be expected to be able to control their volume. they're just too young. they don't know what's going on and then the other smaller children, yes, it's a function of parenting and this has been echoed by the responses that i'm getting from all over the country supporting this. particularly from parents who cite the way they're raising their own children in juxtaposition to the way some of these other parents are not properly supervising them. >> very interesting. so when you would compare complaints that you received in the past from people who said hey, we really want to have a more comfortable, quiet dinner, compared to complaints that you've heard from people who are against your plan now, do they even out? >> no, it's nothing -- i never expected to be on tv over this or anything. but our e-mails are running 11-1
7:26 am
in favor of our position. and coming from every corner of the country. and locally, the tv station has been running -- they ran the first story and has been running a form and they're keeping track and we're ahead almost 3-1 in that one and the form is overwhelmingly supportive of us. >> who think they'd be running a poll actually on what you're doing at your restaurant. let me ask you this, do you have a fear that you might lose business from this or do you just say look, i'm a privately owned business and i can do whatever i want? >> first of all, i checked out the legality, of course, and i'm well within my rights in doing it and i felt as though that i may lose some business but i really thought that in the long run, that it would at least be a -- an income neutral situation. >> so you haven't seen a downturn in business so far? >> to the contrary. some of the supporters that have called have mentioned that although we're a little far for them to drive in the metropolitan area, that they're going to come to support me. and on saturday night, that
7:27 am
began. >> all right. sounds like date night will become your new theme. mike buick, the owner of mcdain's restaurant, thanks so much for being our guest. have a great week. >> a fishing trip turns deadly when it takes on water and sinks. seven americans are still missing. we'll talk to one man who survived. wow. then send us your e-mails. should the government be able to tell you what kind of light bulbs to buy? lawmakers making a big decision today. he caught the ball from derek jeter's 3,000th hit. we're talking to that fan at the bottom of the hour. would you have given that ball back or not? at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> your shot of the morning. that's fox news contributor and lovely person pollster frank luntz meeting with prince william showing off a newspaper announcing the birth of prince william's father, charles. they met at a private reception in beverly hills on friday. really? >> wow. >> i need to be better friend with frank luntz. >> i know. maybe he was part of the a focus
7:32 am
group. wi william and kate just finished their north american tour yesterday. >> now, here's is the dial. we'll show you some video. >> let's see if i can hold this to get the approval of the headline. i was actually this weekend, i turned down a private audience with the prince to go to the montauk yacht club and be with our nest of fans. >> to be with your family. >> to be -- i'm there one week ahead of geraldo's arrival of his esteemed yacht. >> love for you to be broadcasting that. >> he didn't mind last year. but he was very -- they're very excited about his arrival. i actually saved someone on a kayak who was stuck sailing. >> really? >> it was a wonderful story. i felt like a native american in the early days before there were yachts. >> oh, my gosh. i knew this story was supposed to stop before i got to that line. >> news. >> let's show you -- let's move on. let's talk a little bit about -- >> do we have a banner for kayaking? >> we'll get on it.
7:33 am
it's very catchy. >> let's talk about something known as the better use of light bulbs act, bulb act. later on today in the house of representatives, they'll bring this up and what it is is it's -- we're going to try to repeal, you know, congress passed that kooky law that said incandescent bulbs like this, got to go away and use the pigtail things that are made in china that have mercury in them. >> those folks should have laser surgery coupons because you go blind and they weigh 1,000 pounds. >> a lot of american jobs were lost because of this. this is the most important thing to discuss today with only 18,000 new jobs created in june, all those companies that made the light bulbs that we grew up with, they're gone! now these new light bulbs are being made, i believe, in china, so you might wonder about whether or not we should save the old light bulb to save some jobs here in country. >> no, i want the --
7:34 am
>> they're like contraband now because if you have a light bulb, you show them the bulbs and you can show your bulbs at your own -- >> show them your bulbs. >> show your bulbs at your own risk. >> i'm so glad you came back for monday. >> here's the thing -- thank you very much, john and all of the sarcasm that's filled the room but i will say this, we can still stop it. we can still save the bulb if we act now. >> right. that's why they'll bring it up today and vote on it tomorrow. we have a graphic. could we put it up quickly to show you how much the price comparison is. look at that. regular incandescent 100 watter $0.06 and buy the 25 watt compact fluorescent $3.40. marsha blackburn was on this program, congresswoman, of course, one of the co-sponsors. she says that if you want your light bulbs back, you should get on the phone to your member of congress today, they're going to vote it tomorrow. >> right, she'll be on our show tomorrow. >> excellent. >> see how that works out. >> in the meantime, we have some headlines for you on this monday morning. crews are working around the clock to find survivors after a
7:35 am
horrific train crash in india. at least 67 people were killed and more than 100 hurt. many more bodies are believed to be trapped under the twisted wreckage. the 12 passenger cars derailed in northern india. no official word on a cause but reports say the driver may have slammed on the train's emergency brakes to avoid hitting cattle on the tracks. >> a deadly roller coaster ride may lead to new legislation over theme park safety. investigators are looking at why an iraq war vet who lost both of his legs to a roadside bomb was allowed on a 200 foot ride that led to his death. sergeant james hackermer was thrown from the ride of steel at the darren lakes theme park in new york. now one lawmaker is introducing legislation for more federal authority over theme park safety. there were no rules saying that people who did not have legs could ride that ride. but his family is not blaming the park. >> horrible. under arrest for allegedly trashing the theater where late
7:36 am
night host david letterman tapes his show. look at the damage this idiot did to the ed sullivan theater in new york. glass doors were broken. windows were kicked in over at the lobby, over at the box office, totally torn up because of this guy, luckily the actual studio was locked so no damage there. they caught him actually in the -- in the vestibule. cops say the 22-year-old went on a drunken rampage. he's charged with burglary, seemed happy by it. you think he'll be in a celebrity. >> speaking of celebrities, celebrity baby boom in los angeles over the weekend. it's a girl for david and victoria beckham. they named their first daughter harper seven joining brothers brooklyn, romeo and cruz. harper's middle name seven, you're asking yourself huh? apparently a reference to the number that beckham wore for manchester united. and it's a boy for actress kate hudson and her rocker fiance of the band muse. their son's name is not yet announced. >> i wonder if there's going to be a number in it.
7:37 am
>> probably not. i would hope not. >> meanwhile, we have a whole bunch of numbers on the weather map. let's take a look. first, we'll start with the radar and the satellite imagery. as you can see, we have a line of thunderstorms moving through portions of the great lake states back through portions of the northern plains. much of the balance of the country is dry. we have some showers in the last 12 hours in portions of dixieland but currently, they have -- look at that, they've dissipated. meanwhile, as you head out the door on this monday, it's already warm in kansas city. they're up to 84. about the same for memphis. humidity is creeping in there, too, folks. you know that. wear something flimsy today. >> i do every day. >> current temperature in chicago, 77. 80 in miami. daytime highs will be in the 80's and 90's across much of the land except in places where it is in the 70's or the 100's. going to be a hot one. but then again, it's summer. >> all right. after catching derek jeter's 3,000th hit that happened to be a home run, this yankee fan
7:38 am
christian lopez had hundreds of thousands of reasons to cash in and auction off the ball with some estimates valuing in at $260,000. instead, lopez simply returned the ball to derek jeter himself. and christian lopez joins us now. christian, in the full disclosure, i have to tell you that my husband happens to be derek jeter's agent. i want to get that on the record because sometimes people have a problem with that but anyway, let me tell -- let me get from you how you decided to make that quick thinking. so many people would have said my goodness, i'm going to cash in for all this money. >> i have no idea. i didn't really think about it. i just saw it happen and i just jumped on the ball. >> yeah. >> and the money side, it wasn't even a question. i didn't want anything. >> derek jeter hadn't hit a home run in yankee stadium since june of last year. when you got those tickets from your girlfriend, you probably said i'm going to see history but probably won't be part of history. but it's up to your dad. if your dad held on to the ball,
7:39 am
would he have made the same decision his son made because your dad first had his hand on it, correct, christian? >> yeah, yeah. i was just happy to be part of it, i was really -- i was just really happy friday got rained out and then thing you know, i'm in the game, watching it and the ball is in front of me. i'm like wow, i really have to get hold of this thing and i'll be part of history and next thing i know, security's grabbing me out of the stands and asking me what i want. >> yeah, because, you know, in your situation, a lot of people say i'd like to keep the ball in which case he might sell the ball. i read in one of the new york city newspapers this morning, christian, that you have student loans around $100,000. if you could have sold the ball for $250,000, that would have helped you out a lot. >> yeah, definitely. i do have a lot of -- a substantial amount of student loans but i'm only 23. i have a lot of time to pay
7:40 am
those things off. derek deserved this completely. he's worked his entire life for this milestone marker. he's the only yankee to ever do this in a uniform and he's been the captain. i mean, i couldn't do that to the guy. i mean, i'm a huge baseball fan but i'm not going to be that guy that charges derek jeter a million dollars for the ball that he hit out of the stadium for his 3,000th. that's a once in a lifetime thing and something he'll always remember. >> you get anything. >> so interesting, christian, so many people say that we live in this era of entitlement with our younger generation which you fit in at only 23 years old. to hear you speak like this is so refreshing! and there's been so much press on that. i know that you've got tickets for the rest of the season and you got to meet derek. what was that like? >> that was actually really cool. it was a surreal experience. i met a couple of yankees other than derek.
7:41 am
i met reggie jackson as well. rivera came up to me and told him how great of a thing i did which is really, really cool. it was really nice all around and everybody is very nice down there. very humble about everything that was going on and they were all happy about derek jeter getting history. >> wouldn't be surprised if joe gerardi will let you bat cleanup in the next game. are you ready? >> yeah, if he asks me to bat cleanup, i'll bat in the fourth spot. that would be pretty cool. hopefully i don't get hit with a ball, though. >> all right. >> christian lopez joining us today from here in the new york city area. thank you very much for telling your story. >> and we'll look to see you into the rest of the season and right into the post season. thanks a lot, chris. >> thanks for having me. >> what about you in tv land, if
7:42 am
you got the ball, would you give it back or keep it and try to make money on it? e-mail us, friends at >> would you pay off some of steve's children student loans? >> my student loans i'm more worried about. >> coming up on the show, terrorists are playing a new game called hide the ied. doctors helping them with things like belly bombs. guess where they're learning how to do it. yep, folks, they're being educating about it here in the good old u.s.a. >> then he treaded water for 12 hours waiting for daylight. so he could swim to shore. one of the men who survived his boat capsizing off the baja coast here to tell his life story. >> first, the trivia question of the day -- boy, i'm glad we got aflac h
7:43 am
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7:46 am
try our new flavors. >> couple of quick headlines for you. the girlfriend of james "whitey" bulger could be released on bail as early as today. she's accused of harboring him while he was on the run for 16 years and the taliban reportedly training chinese muslim kids in terror camps now. the kids were shown how to plant roadside bombs. london's daily mail said they posted a recruitment video of the young terrorists in training. brian? >> stepping up security screening after new evidence shows that terrorists are using surgically implanted bombs to attack america and americans. some of these doctors of death have been educated here in the united states of america. joining us right now from phoenix is the president of the american-islamic forum for democracy. say it ain't so, doctor, this is
7:47 am
true? >> well, i don't think we should be surprised. i mean, these positions, we've seen it with the bombers and we've seen it an mit scientist and an emergency doc that was healing al-qaida to go back. we've seen it from dictators like one in syria who was trained in london and went back to be one of the worst dictators in the middle east. >> i want to run through some of them who have been chronicled. this guy that you just mentioned went to columbia. >> yeah. remember, they are trained and grow up in an ideology of islam islamic supremasism, we should not be surprised. these are scientists, we're not, you know, we hear some of the apologyists say this isn't about poverty, it's about education.
7:48 am
it's not about that. nidal hasan was educated, from a good family but carried cards saying he was a soldier of allah and our administration put out a counter terrorism strategy that mentioned the word ideology many times but didn't say what it was. we have to understand that they'll continue to use their tools to fight us in any way they can and we need to start addressing what that ideology is. >> the shoe bomber might have been a numskull but the people who put him up to it weren't. this character studied microbiology at mit and did graduate work at brandeis. this person has been nothing but a terrorist. >> yeah, i mean, this is, you know, it's no different than the nuclear scientist that trains in the west and then go back to iran to help them build a bomb. she helped as a scientist to begin to develop some technology
7:49 am
that al-qaida could use and she was thankfully now behind bars and arrested and convicted so at the end of the day, we can't lull ourselves into thinking we're fighting a band of uneducated gangs. i mean, these are sophisticated people that are developing new ingenious ways of fighting us and we need to be open to understanding that we have to stop them long before they get to their graduate schools to be able to break apart the ideology that feeds it. >> we have to look into some of these charities that are out there with the right intentions but have to look at the people signing up their courses. that latest individual was convicted of being an al-qaida scientist. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, seven americans missing at sea. right now after their boat capsized. next, hear from the survivor who made it out alive after treading water for 12 hours. but first, on this date in history, 2009, the number one song "i kissed a girl" by katy perry. she later would marry a guy.
7:50 am
[ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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7:53 am
>> the answer to the trivia question of the day is richie sambora. congratulations. united states navy divers are hoping to begin searching for the submerged mexican fishing boat in the sea for cortez for seven americans who are still missing after their boat capsized. but some did make it out alive. one of the survivors joins us live from san francisco. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> i know this was your first trip on this fishing boat. you didn't know all the guys but you did know a number of them. tell me why, before this
7:54 am
happened, absolutely smooth sailing. you thought that you should just take your life vest to your cabin because that wound up saving your life. >> you know, i went up to get water and it was my life vest. i don't know why but i just grabbed it and took it down to my cabin with me. my friends that had previously fished on the boat told me to bring my own vest and they -- most everybody brought their own also. >> ok. so fast forward period of time, you're laying in bed the middle of the night and you notice water dripping on your head. that's always a bad sign when you're in a boat. you went out on the deck and what was going on? >> i never made it up to the deck. i made it about two steps up the ladder. it was about an eight stepladder and by the time i got up to the second step, i could see the water and i turned right around and i knew the boat was going down. went back to my cabin, woke up
7:55 am
my roommate up and grabbed my vest and put it on. >> man, oh, man, what about the crew? what were the crew? why didn't the crew come knock on your door and say let's go? >> when i went up the stairs, i could see three or four of the crew had a pump going down in the engine room and they were trying to pump water out of the engine room. they at no time warned any of our guys. >> i know that once you got the vest on, got your cabinmate out, within moments, the ship was going down, i know you jumped off just before that. you wound up in the water for 12 hours. you saw off in the distance in the night a mexican town in the distance. and eventually swam that way. give us the status report on how many people are missing and how many people made it out alive. >> well, 19 of us are out. there's one confirmed fatality. seven people are missing. and we actually didn't swim towards the lights.
7:56 am
we -- we actually thought they were rescue boats coming for us because the seas were very rough and we were bobbing up and down but once we realized that they weren't boats, we kind of started to tread water until daylight. >> it makes perfect sense now that you explain that and i know at one point, you did band five guys together. you strung each other together and you were -- also had some ice coolers as well but you had to cut those loose and make a beeline for the shore. thank you very much for joining us and telling us your story. we hope they're able to locate those missing seven guys. >> thank you very much. and please help us keep the pressure on them to bring our brothers home. >> indeed. all right, rich, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right, straight ahead on this monday morning, bill maher going after conservative voters saying they're no different than casey anthony's jury? huh? >> you are just like that jury, you keep letting them get away with murder! >> is he trying to say the
7:57 am
republicans party is guilty of murder? we'll be right back. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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8:00 am
>> top of the morning to you. today is monday, july 11. thanks tore sharing your time. i'm gretchen carlson. the debt summit snagged. democrats demand more taxes. the president reveals his plan. we will have the complete details live from the white house. see if you buy in. >> steve: does the jury regret its decision? the lead juror in the casey anthony trial opening up to greta van susteren. >> when i had to sign off on the verdict, the sheet given to me, there was a feeling of disgust. >> steve: what were they thinking? more from that interview with the foreman straight ahead. >> brian: a father's incredible feat after seeing his son fall into a deep dark well. he took the 40-foot plunge and brought them both out alive. hear their story firsthand.
8:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: live from new york city on 7-11, thank you for joining us. got a busy day so far. >> gretchen: we're going to be talking about the debt creeling and whether we'll -- creeling and we'll talk about whether or not we'll have a deal. investigators are trying to figure out how this stun gun got on board a flight from boston to newark friday. it was found in a seat back pocket by the cleaning crew at newark. they don't know who brought it on board. all passengers had gotten off when a crew member discovered it. investigators believe it got through security at boston's logan airport. new video of leon panetta in baghdad while he was meeting with u.s. officials.
8:02 am
three rockets hit the protected green zone, but nobody was hurt. he also spoke to u.s. troops. he told them he's concerned about iran trying to arm iraqi insurgents. >> the effort here obviously has to be to push the iraqis to take on the responsibility of going after some of these groups, going after those that would use those kinds of weapons. >> gretchen: panetela later participated in a meet and greet with the soldiers and scheduled to meet iraq's prime minister and president. she'll be a free woman when she's released from jail on sunday. the jurors who found casey anthony not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter keeping quiet until now. tonight in an exclusive interview, greta goes on the record with the jury foreman. >> when i had to sign off on the verdict, the sheet given to me, there was a feeling of disgust that came across, knowing my signature and her signature were going to be there on the aim
8:03 am
sheet. >> gretchen: be sure to see the entire interview tonight at 10 p.m. president clinton of smiles and tears as -- plenty of smiles and tears after an eight-month tour of duty. >> i look around and all these families and all these spouses and all these children, amazing. >> gretchen: the crews are members of the navy aircraft squadron who served in iraq and help enforce the no fly zone. >> brian: they'll come together to talk about the debt crisis show down. what will be the tone? live at the white house with more. wendell, risky move by the president? >> there is a certain amount of risk, but there is a certain amount of risk in all leadership. the president and congressional leaders will get back together at 2:00 o'clock eastern time, a couple hours after mr. obama's
8:04 am
news conference at 11:00 o'clock. they met for about an hour and 15 minutes yesterday, a day after john boehner announced he was giving up on the $4 trillion deficit reduction deal he and the president had been trying to work out. boehner blames the democrats' demand for higher tax, which is the same reason that republicans walked out of deficit talks chaired by vice president biden on a deal about half as big. secretary geithner says the president was continuing to push for as much as he could get. >> we're going to try to get the biggest deal possible, what's best for the economy. not just in the short-term, things that will help make sure americans get some tax relief they need right now, like extending the payroll tax cut, but also things that will help make sure we have room to invest in our future and bring the long-term debts down over time. >> time is what they don't have. at the start of yesterday's meeting, the president agreed
8:05 am
they need to work out a deal in the next ten days to work out the debt ceiling before it expires. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says last week's disappointing jobs report was a warning not to raise taxes. >> it ought to incentivize to us do a big package without raising taxes. but unfortunately, i think the president is not thinking the same thing he did six months ago when the economy didn't seem to be as bad as it is today and he was making arguments of raising taxes in the middle of this recession or slow down, whatever you want to call it, was a bad idea. >> it's back to square one today. they agreed yesterday there was no deal in the talks that vice president biden led, meaning they can't necessarily build on the roughly trillion dollars in deficit reductions they had penciled in on those costs. brian? >> brian: all right. thank you, wendell. it will be interesting at 11 eastern time and 2:00 o'clock eastern time and afterward. >> steve: you'll see it right
8:06 am
here on the fox news channel. it shouldn't be surprising that things broke down over tax hikes. but the president said, look, john boehner, republicans, we know you want tax reform ultimately. broaden things out. and i will give you tax reform if you simply pass the $1 trillion tax hike. but boehner was in a political box. he knew that was a no brainer. he couldn't vote for that, so they walked away. >> gretchen: let's look what all the sides want. let's look at president obama. this is what he's asking for. 4 trillion in cuts over four years and a tax hike. he has talked about social security and medicare reform, but we're not exactly sure how serious he was about that, but that would be a huge step for a democratic president to be discussing. >> brian: the republicans said we want to big deal, we're going to stick to 2 trillion in cuts and raise the debt ceiling by 2
8:07 am
trail trillion. no tax hikes at all. you look at the democrat column and the president's. they don't want anything touched on entitlement. nancy pelosi, harry reid is said the same thing. they'll agree to the $2 trillion in tax hikes. >> steve: exactly. you got to figure when nancy pelosi heard the president say at the end of last week, i am willing to take a look at entitlement, you got to figure she'd say, what is he doing there, ultimately at the end of the day, they could not come to that on the democrat side. the republicans in the form of paul ryan have made that something they have been willing to talk about. >> gretchen: that's why she marched to the white house on friday to make her point clear. we'll see where it goes today. speaking of taxes, it's interesting to also keep in mind that we are going to be facing a lot more taxes because of the health care overhaul that happened in the last 18 months. so while the president is proposing these additional $1 trillion in revenues to
8:08 am
offset this debt ceiling discussion, he also had a big chunk of increased taxes over a ten-year period. that was split between corporations and private individuals paying more taxes for health care. >> brian: all because of this health care plan that these are set in future. a lot of them now, some 2012, some 2014 and beyond, so all these tax hikes will be there before -- while the president might be gone for office at the time. the president's press conference will be at 11:00 o'clock today eastern time and we'll see if he's going to bring up corporate jets and taxing the richest 2% or more of a tone of a conciliatory tone. >> steve: brian, let's have a drinking game. every time he says corporate jet owners, we'll do a shot of root beer. >> brian: of root beer perhaps. we'll certainly -- if it's like last like time, we'll drink a lot. >> steve: bill maher does not like republicans and obviously does not like the verdict of the
8:09 am
casey anthony jury because he puts them together with this sound bite friday night. >> if you can look at a crime where everything points to one answer and not see it, you're a dumb (bleep), and if you can look at the deficit and not see that the problem is that the rich stop paying tax, you're a republican. yes, republican base, you are just like that jury. it is pathetically clear who is killing the middle class, but you keep letting them get away with murder. >> gretchen: i guess he's going for the small percentage of the slice of pie of people in america who actually like him. he's not only offended all republicans and people who ever thought about being a republican, but now everyone on the jury and all their relatives and all the people who may be wouldn't quite say such a thing about juries as well. i don't know. it's an interesting deduction that you would see the jury's verdict having to do with republicans.
8:10 am
i don't see the connection. >> brian: it's amazing, or maybe not, that hbo is comfortable with him saying that. then governor tim pawlenty takes on the president saying he's full of it. >> when he's like a manure spreader in a wind storm, the stuff is flying all over the place and it's not pretty. >> brian: what would the governor do differently? we'll ask him. >> steve: manure spreader in a wind storm. then another one of the president's top campaign staffers saying unemployment won't be an issue in 2012. should he fire him for real life lesson in unemployment? we'll ask donald trump who joins us live in a couple of minutes right here on "fox & friends." [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. 14 minutes after the top of the hour. with the clock ticking, debt talks are becoming a focus for presidential candidates on the campaign trail. joining us is tim pawlenty. good to see you this morning. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: what's your take on this, when you were the governor of minnesota, you made really tough decisions and now we're looking at minnesota in a complete government shutdown. i know you believe that that could be the microcosm of the -- or the macrocosm of the united states. >> politician, many are like running water, they go downhill to the point of resistance. this is one of those moments, last time the republicans had control of the congress, they spent too much money, didn't walk the walk and shouldn't do that again. this is a chance to deliver on the principles of living within our means, or at least reducing spending and getting the permanent reforms we need. that's why i called like things for a balanced budget amendment
8:15 am
to the constitution, cap on spending as a percent of gdp and in the near term, the kinds of spending reform that will get our budget headed in the right direction. >> brian: you went after president obama yesterday with some colorful language. you called him basically a manure spreader. so you went after him. in what respect is he a manure spreader? >> brian, you got to get the whole quote in there. it was manure spreader in a wind storm. >> brian: let's hear the way you said it, governor. >> enough fancy speeches, we've had barak obama campaigning and being president for the better part of three years with all of his soaring rhetoric, with all of his broken promises, with all of his nonsense. i mean, he's like a manure spreader in a wind storm. [ laughter ] the stuff is flying all over the place and it's not pretty. now we got to clean up the mess. >> gretchen: i get it, governor, because iowans would totally
8:16 am
understand that analogy and i get the other one within that. but why did you decide to do that? >> it's a metaphor for his policies being misdirected. he's got the country going in the wrong direction. he's got a lot of ideas, but take the country in the wrong place. so that's why i gave the speech in chicago, the most detailed pro-job, pro-economic growth speech of any candidate in the race, including the president. it was titled a better deal and went into the need to reduce business taxes, have a pro-growth, pro-investment, pro-jobs agenda. that's the kind of approach we need. not the barak obama grow government approach. >> brian: you're going to spend 15 days in july alone and more days in august trying to win this straw poll in iowa. a lot of people say that you have to be one or two in iowa or hang it up. you went after the person who is number two and surging, michelle bachman. congresswoman from your state of minnesota. let's listen to how you did it. >> i like congresswoman bachman, i campaigned for her, i respect
8:17 am
her. but her record of accomplishment in congress is nonexistent. it's nonexistent. so we're not looking for folks who just have a speech capability. we're looking for people who can lead a large enterprise and a public setting and drive it to conclusion. i've done that. she hasn't. >> gretchen: we should point out, governor, that this is not the first time that you criticized congresswoman michelle bachman. you did it two weeks ago as well. here is her response. i am proud of my record of fighting with resolve and without apology for our free market, for sane fiscal policies and in opposition for the advancement of big government left. your argument is you believe she never passed any big legislation and she's your biggest competition in iowa. right? >> i think the polls show she and mitt romney and others are ahead of me. i cake in sixth place in a poll. so we have to show progress. but the point i was trying to make with respect to congresswoman bachman or any other candidate is this: it's not a stretch to say we need somebody in the oval office who is going to be president of the united states and commander in chief who has executive experience leading a large
8:18 am
intersurprise in a public setting getting results and balancing budget, cutting tax, doing health care reform the right way, no mandates, no takeovers and not just talking about it and giving speeches at rallies, but leading as an executive and getting results in that kind of setting. with all due respect, she doesn't have that kind of experience. and her record in congress as i mentioned before is, again, great remarks and great speeches, but in terms of results and accomplishments, nonexistent. >> brian: but you should notice this, the iowa did a poll and you're third. you picked up three points tied with herman cain. do you agree, fir or second -- first or second or you'll have to drop out? >> i think i'm in 6th or 7th. so we have to show progress. no question about that. we do need to show good progress. >> gretchen: i guess the minnesota nice is going to take a back seat. right? >> again, i don't think it's a
8:19 am
disputable point that we should have somebody in the oval office who has executive experience along the line i mentioned earlier. i think that's a fair point as to any candidate. >> brian: right. governor, thank you for joining us. if you want to find him, he'll be in iowa for the next month. thanks a lot. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> gretchen: this father's incredible feat after seeing his son fall into a 40-foot well. i see a trend here. inside sarah palin's newsweek spread, why she's not happy about the 2012 gop field and how it could change her plans in the near future
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> brian: is tiger woods retiring? that's the rumor today as woods is set to make a special announcement later on. several leg injuries hampered his game recently. the duke and duchess of cambridge are back in their home of london this morning after a 12-day tour of canada and the u.s. william and kate left los angeles yesterday on a regular commercial flight, but in first class, of course, which means they got the hot towels. >> steve: meanwhile, a three-year-old boy plummets 40 feet down this dark well into ten feet of water. his father rushes to his son's rescue, but cannot reach him with a ladder. so the dad goes in after him, forced to climb down the wall of
8:24 am
that well to try to save the life of his boy, which he did. that father, jake mccoy, his wife, ashley, and their son dylan join us live. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> steve: jake, as i understand it, a couple of days ago you were power washing your deck, your dad ran over and said, your son just fell down the well. right? >> yes. yes. >> steve: so what did you do? >> ever he told me that, i got up and ran down towards the well real quick and flipped the board off and flipped the rocks off the top of the well and kind of started thinking of ideas and the first thing that popped in was my dad told me there was a ladder on the front porch. so i grabbed a ladder and tried to use that, but that didn't work because it fell apart. it was the wrong kind of ladder. >> steve: oh, man. >> something like that, you're not really thinking anyway, you're trying to get something done real quick. >> steve: with the ladder falling apart, the last thing
8:25 am
you wanted to do with your boy at the bottom of the well was hit him in the head with the ladder. >> absolutely. >> steve: so ashley, while this is going on and your husband is trying to figure out what to do, what are you doing? >> i was in a massive hysterical state and also trying to get my call in to 911 for help to get him out. >> steve: so jake, you realized the ladder is not going to work. so i understand, and we saw a picture of it, it looks like a hand dug well with some rocks on the side -- you just climbed down that to him. right? >> yes, absolutely. >> steve: and then what happened when you got to him? >> when i got to him, i pulled him up out of the water and he put his arms up and i held him to make sure he was okay. i looked over him just to kind of give him that look-see, make
8:26 am
sure nothing was broke. from what i could tell -- >> steve: ashley, you did get the paramedics there. they were able to lower some ropes, get your boy in the rope and they raised him up. but jake, i understand you didn't even wait for them to lower a rope to you. you just climbed back out? >> yes. i wanted to make sure my son was okay. >> steve: man. you were so lucky that he was able to tread water. how long has he been able to swim? >> we've just really been working with him here in the last few weeks on the doggy paddle and make sure you kick your feet, keep your mouth closed, hold your head up, chin up out of the water. and he really and truthfully, i didn't realize he was doing such a good job until i actually seen him at the bottom of that well kicking his feet. it was awesome to see how teaching him that affected his life. >> steve: it saved his life.
8:27 am
>> it did. >> steve: as did the guy who is sitting right next to you. jake and ashley and very quiet and contrite dylan, we thank you all -- how has he been since he was pulled out of the well, ashley? >> wild. >> steve: really? >> he has had more energy in the last two days than i've seen him have in weeks. we took him swimming last night and he just was crazy in that water. and doing more things than he did before. >> steve: and i understand he's very apologetic that it happened and he's been clinging to your husband and the good news is, you got a big heavy rock now over the well so that can't happen again. >> yes. >> steve: we thank you very much for joining us live today from ohio. >> thank you. >> steve: what a story. meanwhile, some of the president's staffers claim americans don't care about unemployment when they go to vote next year. really? we're going to talk to donald
8:28 am
trump. should those advisors and aides be fired and experience unemployment firsthand? we'll talk to the donald. plus, he treaded water in the baha for 12 hours waiting for daylight. the man who swam to shore after his fishing boat went under tell his incredible story right here on "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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[ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> brian: they're calling it the miracle on grass. team usa shocking brazil in the quarter finals of the women's world cup in the last seconds of overtime. on the phone, the woman who called the game, you know her, julie from germany. your thoughts about that moment the u.s. trailing 2-1 and a person down because of a red card. >> yeah. >> i know. it's nuts. and brian, they played a player down for over 55 minutes at that
8:33 am
point, which as you know, is a tremendous feat in itself. but it's weird, during the entire game, i watched the germany japan game the night before, i had a feeling that the usa team could do it. and that has been such a strength of our country for so long is that just that willingness. >> gretchen: i heard you analysis, you were saying that to the other person, you were saying, i think they're going to do it, and most of the others were skeptics, right? >> yeah. but this team is a trend -- it's tremendous because they were the last to qualify for this world cup, 'cause they had a little hiccup in qualifying and they just had tons of adversity thrown their way and always in the end, seemed to persevere. it's great the world finally got a glimpse of that courage and character. >> brian: what i couldn't believe is they won over the crowd at the end because of the way they played and down a man and the referee really screwed them. they were chanting, usa, usa.
8:34 am
to capacity crowd. once americans were the underdog everyone was pulling for. did this group do a lot to establish their own identity and not be identified with brandy chastain and yourself, what do you think? >> that's a great point. i was with mia and brandy 'cause we're all here covering it and we were with -- i was with them after the game and that's what we talked about. how it's wonderful that the country is able to embrace them emotionally. they won the olympics in 2008, but that was kind of lost in all the michael phelps olympics and so for the first time, i truly feel the country has got a glimpse into some of these wonderful characters on this team. and they cast a large shadow for many years that they weren't quite getting that recognition. so i'm just so happy that it seems like from every account, the country has really embraced them at home.
8:35 am
>> steve: this team really has had a do or die mentality, haven't they? >> yeah. that's the thing. a couple times coming into this world cup, which is unheard of for the u.s., the media has been hash, saying they didn't think they would do well. still in the face of it all, the team kept saying, we know that people don't think we can do this. we know that. we're going to do this. the referee making that call, we're a player down, and they never felt they were going to give up. >> brian: next up, the semifinals against france and hopefully the finals and julie will be there every step of the way. thanks for joining us from germany. >> my pleasure. thank you for covering it. >> brian: great win. for women's soccer. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines. new video showing survivors hugging their loved ones after a deadly russian cruise boat
8:36 am
accident. about 80 people were rescued, but we learned the death toll climbed to 41. dozens others still missing. russian officials say 208 people were on board when the boat sank in the vulga river, 75% above maximum capacity. an investigation now underway. >> steve: u.s. navy divers are hoping to resume searching today for the submerged mexican fishing boat in the sea of cortez. seven americans are still missing after their boat capsized. 19 made it out alive and we just spoke to one of them, rich is back home and telling the incredible story of survival. he and others tied their coolers together to keep afloat. they stayed there for 12 hours before finally swimming toward those lights in the distance. >> we actually didn't swim toward the lights. we actually thought they were rescue boats coming toward us at first because the seas were very rough. we were bobbing up and down. but once we realized that they weren't boats, we just kind of
8:37 am
treaded water until daylight. >> steve: that's when they decided to swim toward it. rich says if it weren't for the guys all helping each other, there would not have been as many survivors. >> brian: sarah palin still won't say if she's running for president. but she does say this, she does say, quote, i can win. former alaska governor and fox news contributor also tells newsweek she expects more republicans to enter the race and thinks that's a good thing. that's a quick look at the headlines. >> steve: i wonder who the republicans could be. could it be her or donald trump who joins us on the phone. hello. >> good morning. >> steve: what's happening? >> things are going nicely. i hope they're going nicely for you. >> gretchen: let's talk about the debt ceiling because that's the huge discussion going on on capitol hill today and a lot of americans are very concerned about it as well. i guess they did come to an agreement by saying that they will not allow america to default. republicans and democrats together. but what would you do if you
8:38 am
were president right now? >> well, i think the republicans have the cards and in fact, frankly one of the cards they're not playing that i think they should be playing is that we get rid of obamacare because that's going to be a huge deficit for this country in the future. i know many businesses that are closing up on the basis they're not going to be able to afford it. and i think that's going to be a card that they should be playing and they're not playing. but i believe that the republicans have the strength if they can play it. i watched what they did during the lame duck session which was horrible. they brought obama back and if they do that again, it's like they're finished. so the republicans have the cards. if they play them properly, they can really end up on top. >> brian: david plouffe came out and said the americans don't care really about the unemployment number. david plouffe says, quote, people won't vote based on unemployment rate. they're going to vote based on how do i feel about my situation. do i believe the united states makes decisions based on me and
8:39 am
my family. what do you think about those comments? >> certainly the economy is doing horribly. the unemployment is really probably at 18 or 19%. not the 9.2 which by the way, went up from 9 and 9.1. the real number is 19. you could even make the case it's over 20. so that's going to be the big determinant. and i've watched david plouffe and every time there is a strong candidate, he'll say, obama wants to run against him. whenever there is a weak one, he says, that's the one we're afraid of it. and actually i was honored because he said, i was really hitting obama hard. he said, oh, we'd love to run against trump. so i was honored. unfortunately, the press doesn't pick it up that way. they come out with a headline, obama would love to run against trump. i mean, i watched david plouffe. i would say, you're fired. >> gretchen: so you would? >> i would definitely say that. look, he's doing his thing for obama. what's he going to say? he's going to say things are fabulous. david plouffe is doing his thing for obama and what should obama
8:40 am
do? he's doing the best he can with a bad situation. the situation is very, very bad in this country. >> brian: one thing, the president was vilifying guys like you with corporate jets and the rich who don't pay enough in taxes. you're the problem! >> well, look, as far as taxes are concerned, we employ and i employ thousands of people. we do a great job, we're putting people to work and people are scared right now. i've never seen anything like it. people don't know where they're going to be tomorrow. there is no certainty. businesses need certainty and people just don't know where they're going to be tomorrow. and until there is certainty, people have to know what's going to happen. and let me tell you, we have a different world today. we have a world today where if you raise taxes, they'll go to another country. in the old days, there was no such thing. they'd move from new york to some other state. but today they move from the united states to another
8:41 am
country. so we have to be very, very careful. >> steve: that's a great point. brian mentioned the fast and furious. that was that program where the government figured out okay. let's put thousands of guns out there on our southern borders, see how many go down to mexico and we'll be able to track them. they didn't track them. spent a huge -- there has been a huge scandal. now the problem is it sounds like the department of justice is stonewalling congressional investigators, people like darryl issa. here is brit hume talking a little bit about this yesterday. >> this obama justice department reminds me of nothing so much as the nixon justice department. you have the scent of high level knowledge of serious wrongdoing and you have the smell of cover-up and i think the search stench of this is very strong indeed. >> brian: if it goes up to
8:42 am
attorney general holder, should he be gone? >> look, we have a very poorly run country. the country is doing poorly and it's poorly run. this is just one of many examples. i could name many, many others examples of pure stupidity. but this is just one of many examples that you can make. so you're giving me this one. how about giving me another 400 because every one of them is just as bad. for instance, i watched jobs. how are we going to have jobs when the jobs are being really done -- our jobs that we used to do here in terms of manufacturing, it's being done in other countries. you know what's amazing? i watch the republican debate. it's never mentioned. china is never mentioned. india is never mentioned. all of these countries that are eating our lunch, never mentioned. they talk about jobs. how can you have jobs when our manufacturing is being done in other countries? >> gretchen: let's bring it back to good old usa because on saturday, derek jeter hit his 3,000th hit and the guy who
8:43 am
caught the ball decided to give it back. should he have gotten more money or do you think that was the right move? >> i watched him and he's really a nice guy. in two weeks when all of the adulation dies down and when he has to get up at 6:00 o'clock in the morning to go to his job to take care of his family or future family, he's going to say, what did i do? what did i do? i love derek. derek lives in one of my buildings. okay? derek is a rich guy. derek would have loved to give him a half a million, maybe a million dollars that would have begun out to bid. why didn't he take it? i tell you, i think he's a wonderful young man. i think he should have said, listen, i'm going to sell the ball. i'm going to take care of my family. i'm going -- and i just think he's going to look back in two weeks when the adulation dies and he's going to feel very badly about his decision. >> brian: thanks so much. >> steve: indy car driver, nascar driver danica patrick here to put the brakes on
8:44 am
something other than her vehicle. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> brian: betty ford, the former first lady, passed away last week. she used her fame to help ease americans' shame. peter johnson, jr. is here to tell us how. >> good morning, brian. betty ford was laid to rest with her husband in the grand rapids museum that bears his name. he saved america from the shame of a national nightmare, watergate. and helped restore confidence in our government. her accomplishment was equal in many ways. you see, betty ford's courage in speaking out on cancer, alcoholism, and addiction took these diseases out of the closet of shame and made americans feel better about who we were and how much better we could be. we always admired betty. i did. she supported her husband in everything he did and he did the
8:48 am
same for her. in fact, their mutual displays of affection for each other coupled with her strong support of constitutional equal rights for women proved that femininity and feminism and jerry and betty were made for each other. betty ford's honesty about breast cancer liberated women and men and their families alike. in discussing her condition so openly, she gave hope to millions about a disease whose name was not to be spoken. her strength after a mastectomy helped disspell rumors that too often followed in the wake of a diagnosis of cancer. false perceptions about how it was caused, whether it could be beaten and whether it was even contagious. well, it's not contagious. and now happily it's beaten every day of the week.
8:49 am
her honestly about alcohol and drugs opened her eyes. she was a drunk on the weekends. our cousin who was a drug addict, who lives on the other side of town, she showed us if we spoke openly about these diseases and about our family and our friends who suffered from them, that treatment could change their lives and ours like it did her own. betty ford was a definition of a author morally modern -- thoroughly modern american women. she was a dancer, a great dancer, and a striking fashion model. she was divorced before she married jerry, 58 years of a strong partnership. she was a superb mother of four. president ford used to joke that only he became president, his wife had a bigger title. chairman of the board of the betty ford center. his equip reminds us of why she was so great. she taught all of us that the
8:50 am
only thing to be ashamed of is shame itself. may god bless a really inspiring american whose courageous life earned her the title of first lady. brian. >> brian: all right. thank you very much, peter. stick around. after the break, danica patrick puts the brakes on something that's not her indy car or her nascar. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them.
8:51 am
how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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8:53 am
>> no ticket, no problem. how you fly across country on someone else's boarding pass. serious questions about airline security on that. high stakes gambling, the nation's future, brit hume with analysis. is the rationing of health care about to begin? dr. mark siegle and what you need to understand. we'll see you in seven minutes
8:54 am
on america's news room. >> brian: we will be watching. she's known for breaking barriers for female race car drivers in indy car and nascar racing. >> gretchen: danica patrick is here. great to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: you've been crossing over into nascar. a lot of people are saying the big rumor is you're only going to do nascar in 2012. >> maybe, that might be true. this is the second year for that. it's a much busier season. twice the amount of work. >> steve: in addition to that, drive force seal pd has taken up a lot of your life. your grandma had breathing problems? >> yeah. she passed away. it's terrible disease that i feel is underdiagnosed. it's the fourth leading cause of death in this country and kills more people than breath cancer and there is not enough knowledge about it. but the symptoms are just so easy to overlook. getting out of breath easy, walking up the steps. >> steve: we got them on the big
8:55 am
screen right there. >> yeah. the symptoms are just kind of overlooked. so we're telling everyone to go to the web site and take the five question screener. >> brian: you can heal your -- you can't heal your lung, but you can slow down the disease. >> that's right. there is no cure for this disease. but you can take care of yourself and be able to maintain a decent life. unfortunately, for my grandma, she couldn't walk and on oxygen 24 hours a day. that's where it can get for you. >> gretchen: did she ever get a chance to see you become famous? >> not like this, no. unfortunately. which is a sad part because i'd love to also just hear old stories about my dad. but i'll never get to hear those stories because when i was just a teen-ager and i was busy hanging out with my friends and not excited to hear about old stories about my dad, but i'd love to hear about those now and i'm sure she'd be proud to see me race. that's the unfortunate part.
8:56 am
it takes a lot of lives before 70 years old. >> brian: when we come back, we'll find out what you're doing next and also how the car industry has affected your business of racing. so those things when we come back in two minutes. [ sniffs ] bacon?!
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>> steve: today is the 11th day of july. that's 7-11. it's the birthday of 7-11. if you go to a 7-11, you get a free slurpee. >> gretchen: how is your business been -- >> brian: how has your business been affected off the car business? >> we are sponsored. less manufacturer support. i think it's coming back. i think that the economy is generally coming back and i feel like it's coming back in racing and sponsors are getting more involved. >> gretchen: hear more about danica patrick and her mission with


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